A community of professional women committed to helping you succeed. Eva Connections

Together we are stronger

A community of professional women, focussed on supporting your success

Eva Connections offers professional and unique solutions to develop and support women at all phases of their career and development.

Together we:

Empower each other to be more courageous in our actions and direction

Inspire one another with support and energy to succeed, we all need a cheerleading squad

Engage in community to lift each other, creating connections and bringing people together

Collaborate by working together in partnership, sharing ideas, recognising and celebrating achievements

Fun and having lots and lots of it whilst we work towards our desires and goals

What Makes Eva Connections Unique?

Eva Connections community for professional women

We take a holistic approach to supporting our members in reaching for professional success.

Through a combined 40 years experience in People Development, Building Employee Engagement and Cultural Programmes, Training, Mentoring and Recruitment we will help you define what you truly want from your career.

The Eva Knowledge Hub is a great source of inspirations for anyone looking for a few extra tips and tricks when assessing their next career step.

What do our members say?

What we offer our members?

An inclusive community of professional women committed to helping you succeed.

Career related networking events

Online masterclasses and workshops

development tools

International and Diverse Community

Expert career advice & job opportunities

Unique Mentor program

Everything you need to make an impact on your career, all in one place