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Helping Women excel in their Careers

A Lifestyle, Workstyle Community for Professional Women.

Our community is built on these core values






At Eva Connections we empower each other to be more courageous in our actions and in business.

We encourage, inspire and energise each other in a supportive environment. We are each others cheerleaders.

We foster engagement with our community, each other and the charity we support.

We enjoy a collaborative outlook on life, creating connections and bringing people together.

Having fun, making new friends and attending exciting events whilst working towards our goals.

Our team

Katie & Estelle. Eva Connections Founders

Eva Connections Founders

In launching Eva Connections our vision was to create a community dedicated to supporting professional women who want to learn, network, share ideas and are looking for support or mentoring opportunities.

We aimed to create an environment where women can truly connect and benefit from the skills and expertise of those around us. After a lot of brainstorming, a few very interesting focus groups and some fun (and funny) research activities… Eva Connections was born.

Estelle Roux-Stevens

Aware of the demands that come with balancing a career and family, Estelle shows women how to promote themselves in business and in technology. She helps scale-ups grow their business, establish strong female workforces and build thriving diverse environments. Her expertise includes taking small teams to international heights, creating campaigns that cater to female audiences and working on a graduate program aimed at female students.

Katie Howard-Cross

With over 18 years in the Executive Recruitment industry, she managed international teams across Europe and led her teams to win multiple awards including Best Executive Search firm 4 years running.  Over the years Katie built from the ground up a number of very successful revenue-generating teams within businesses.  This included hiring and training sales and recruitment staff, and turning poor sales pipelines into revenue-generating ones.  

Our Partners

Anna van der Horst | eelloo

Postdoctoral researcher in organizational psychology at the Justus Liebig University (Germany). HR-consultant at eelloo, focusing on employability, proactive career behavior and identity.

Glenn Melis | Infinite Fit

I believe that a healthier body and mind will work its way out in every aspect of your life. That’s why I will leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve this.

Iryna Business Yoga

Iryna Ivanova is a founder, yoga and mindfulness instructor of Iryna Business Yoga. She focuses on stress release, energy and motivation boost, productivity and performance increase for the corporate world.

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