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#6 - Empowering women through Women 4 Women International with Paulina Stachnik

Welcome to the sixth episode of the Eva Women Podcast!

We’re really pleased to hear what Paulina Stachnik, Ted Talk presenter and digital campaigns lead at Women for Women International, had to say not only about Eva Connections’ chosen charity but also about what it means to support women locally living in very difficult conditions. Find out about the impact Women for Women has been able to make in places like Rwanda and Afghanistan, especially what differences have been made to women’s lives when it comes to rights, skills, sustainable incomes, networks and building communities. We also discussed health, family planning, nutrition, land inheritance in countries where women are primary caretakers and how they feed their families.

“…We work with some of the most marginalised women in the world, so, what this means is that these are not only women who have lived through conflict, but there are also women who live in very remote areas, many of whom have never had access to even primary education.”

Paulina Stachnik

“In some countries, we literally have town criers who go to these very remote villages and literally shout at the top of their lungs, saying Women for Women International is recruiting.”

Paulina Stachnik

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Paulina Stachnik is Digital Marketing Officer at Women for Women International, a charity organization that  supports women in war-torn countries who have suffered terrible atrocities by creating a sisterhood, a community. Paulina joined Women for Women after her own feminist awakening that started in college, and has worked for them for many years because she likes the way they do what they set out to do, creating a community and opportunities for women so they can walk through life with a network, skills and confidence. Check out Paulina’s  inspiring TED talk called Girlpower 2.0, and blog, you can find the details in the show notes. 

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