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#7 - How to build confidence and resilience with Angie McQuillin

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Eva Women Podcast!

In this episode we have a chat with Angie McQuillin, a confidence and success coach and founder of She told us all about her findings on helping professionals overcome self-doubt, build resilience and become fearless. She pointed out interesting differences as well as similarities between men and women that surprised us and might surprise you as well. Have a listen to her stories about issues and queries she has come across in her personal journey while explaining to us how success can be measured by things people previously were not able to do and why self-development is so powerful and sells so many books.

"I think there’s more of an acceptance for a woman to hold her hands up and say ‘I’m really feeling unconfident today, I’m having a wobble or I’m really nervous.” And it’s not that men don’t suffer in the same way, I just think that there’s less of an acceptance for them to say that”

Angie McQuillin

“… Once you’re kind of treading around in your stretch zone, you feel that shift, you feel that change, but when you’ve done that repeatedly it becomes your new comfort zone, so you’ve got a bigger bandwidth in your comfort zone, and then you’ve got a new stretch zone. And that’s why it never, ever stops.”

Angie McQuillin
Learn More about Angie

Angie McQuillin is a confidence and success coach and founder of She helps Corporate Professionals Become Fearless through tailored coaching programs. She offers intensive 1-2-1 bespoke coaching programmes as well as a group coaching programme. I also run workshops on authentic assertiveness and confident leadership too (both privately and with corporates).so they can walk through life with a network, skills and confidence. Check out Paulina’s  inspiring TED talk called Girlpower 2.0, and blog, you can find the details in the show notes. 

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