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#8 - Why D&I is so important to organisations with Janice Gassam

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Eva Women Podcast!

In this episode we talk with Janice Gassam, founder of BWG Business Solutions, a TEDx speaker and senior contributor for Forbes, about her expert work on diversity and inclusion (D&I). We get to know her personal journey, her experience with research within equity and inclusion in the workplace. She also  teaches why diversity and inclusion programs fail, ways that diversity and inclusion programs can be stronger and why people are experiencing diversity fatigue. In general we learn the importance of D&I and how to foster a culture of Diversity & Inclusion within the workplace. 

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Janice Gassam is a consultant, keynote speaker, researcher and workshop facilitator and founder of BWG business solutions. She helps businesses and institutions foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her ultimate goal is to change the world by bridging the gaps of misunderstanding. She is doing a Ph.D. where she focuses on hiring bias and I strive to use her knowledge and research expertise to strengthen organizations, increase cultural competency and help foster a more inclusive workplace.

Janice Gassam
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