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S1E2: Make better career choices by knowing your personal story with Anna van der Horst, Eelloo

Welcome to the second episode of the Eva Women Podcast!

This week on the Eva Women Podcast we are talking to organisational psychology expert Anna van der Horst, PhD, who works for eelloo, a company that helps organisations hire and retain staff and creates a work environment that puts people first.


"If you are able to tell a coherent story about who you are, where you’re from and also where you want to go, it becomes much easier to show proactive behaviour that is helpful in deciding a good path for you in your own career.”

Anna van der Horst
Make better career choices by knowing your personal story.

Anna explained to us how important it is for people to discover their own story: where they are now and where they want to go, providing focus so that they can take control of their own careers. She addresses some of the current issues in our ever-changing workforce such as intrinsic motivation, purpose and stress, and how they fit into building a clear identity at work.

"People can deal with working hard, they can deal with stress quite well, but they can’t deal with not belonging, or the stress of not knowing who are you or where you’re going.”

Anna van der Horst
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Anna van der Horst is a postdoctoral researcher in organizational psychology at the Justus Liebig University (Germany). HR-consultant at eelloo, focusing on employability, proactive career behavior and identity.

Anna van der Horst
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