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S1E1: Welcome to Eva Women. Meet Katie & Estelle

Welcome to the first episode of the Eva Women Podcast!

This week on the Eva Women Podcast we are talking to the creators of Eva Connections, which is us! This is all about our journey and why we came together to create a community for international professional woman.


"We have a life, and we want to try and manage our diet and our fitness, and our nutrition, and our stress levels, etc. So, we really wanted to create that holistic approach to the community where we put on events and workshops and webinars around pretty much everything health and wellness related.”

Katie Howard-Cross
Our mission to help everyone in our community succeeed

Co-founders Estelle Roux-Stevens and Katie Howard got excited about finally going live with Eva Connections, a workstyle, lifestyle community. Find out more about the different memberships available, the quarterly speed networking, the website, the podcast, our Women for Women International charity activities, and so much more!

News includes the Be Inspired series that focuses on entrepreneurship and inspirational stories, a new addition to the business, as well as upcoming workshops, webinars and Fabulous Fridays, an open house at our offices. Also on the menu is mentoring, the Slack channel for members and even more news in our newsletter, which still needs a name!

Learn More about Katie and Estelle
Estelle Roux-Stevens. Aware of the demands that come with balancing a career and family, Estelle shows women how to promote themselves in business and in technology. She helps scale-ups grow their business, establish strong female workforces and build thriving diverse environments. Her expertise includes taking small teams to international heights, creating campaigns that cater to female audiences and working on a graduate program aimed at female students.
Katie Howard-Cross. With over 18 years in the Executive Recruitment industry, she managed international teams across Europe and led her teams to win multiple awards including Best Executive Search firm 4 years running. Over the years Katie built from the ground up a number of very successful revenue-generating teams within businesses. This included hiring and training sales and recruitment staff, and turning poor sales pipelines into revenue-generating ones.

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