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What do our members say about us?

Katie Tsouros : Marketing Consultant

“I’ve been to the Eva Connections speed networking event a few times and have always met a really diverse and interesting group of women. I find the format great because it makes introductions and meeting people really easy and smooth – you know you are there to network and pitch what you are doing to one another, and you learn enough about each other in the time given to know if you want to follow up and pursue the connection later. There is always a nice, friendly atmosphere and plenty to chat about.”

Katie Tsouros : Marketing Consultant

“When I stepped out from my corporate role, my main goal was to bring stress reIease, relaxation and balance into offices and people in the work environment. Eva Connections enables me to bring it to so many more areas, professional women looking to create more balance in their busy daily life. Eva Connections core values and mission of connecting women inspires me and I love working with people that share the same passion and vision that I have.”

Iryna : Iryna Business Yoga

“The group of women that make Eva is absolutely amazing. It’s truly inspiring to see women coming together to make things happen and to motivate each other to go further and really earn their place in the market. It makes me happy to be able to collaborate with these women and be part of their journey.”

Gaby Kusters : GK Communications

“I find it easy to talk to Estelle and Katie. You are really approachable & we are also mothers that became entrepreneurs after leaving corporate. I like Eva Connections approach to focus on women and our lives holistically and to be a hub for female entrepreneurs and women in corporations.”

Jennifer : Van Dijk Accounting

“Eva Connections is not only connecting people socially, but also making business connections in meaningful ways. Their focus on wellness education is what’s missing in many networking groups. Wellness needs to be a top priority for everyone.”

Joyce : EatLiveLoveFood

“It’s a great platform to share, and inspire woman similar to myself my truth about one’s personal and career development highs and lows, without the judgement but with understanding and support.”

Solange : Thoughts Of Sol

“I love a good chat, I love to be inspired by great ideas, I love to be part of a supportive community, I love to share what I’m passionate about and I love to meet new people!”

Lucy : Thrive At Work

“I fully support Eva Connections. I am honored to participate in such a movement and exchange ideas, support each other, spark each other, empower each other and share our knowledge and experience. I love that Eva Connections is working towards Eva Works and taking things online for a more global approach. And mostly; I love the approach of balancing work and health. I hope to be able to inspire many other women, to find their spark and light up the room in a way that inspires the world around them!”

Erika : Kennedy Branding

“I like the Eva message and passion the business brings to support women in the work place and life.”

Angie McQuillin

“I love your energy ladies! You both are working towards a grand vision but also keen on doing the action needed to take you there!”

Lana Jelenjev : Dream See Do

“We are so grateful for your sponsorship of your sister Zawadi Nenga from the Democratic Republic of Congo and love your commitment to supporting women around the world!”

Paulina : Women For Women International